Quest SearchConsult Pvt. Ltd. was founded in Year 2000 and has over a decade of experience in the
executive search field.

The team at Quest SearchConsult Pvt. Ltd. come from careers in investment banking, private banking,
securities and human resource management. They have extensive and meaningful relationships across
the domestic corporate sector and multinational corporations domiciled in India.

Executive Search

Search Methodology

  • Defining Objectives and needs
  • Research
  • Candidate identifications
  • Interviews & Evaluations
  • Selection
  • Completion
  • Partner with Client to Primarily define job specification and profile need.
  • In-depth analysis and deep understanding of market trends and “people” availability.
  • Target source / companies.
  • Extensive data base and entrenched market contacts
  • Significant desk research.
  • Focus on candidates skill base, values, performance drivers, cultural adaptability.
  • Arrange all interviews and meetings as also manage the often complex process from offer to


  • Shared vision with the client.
  • Primarily one- point contact with identified management and relationship alternates.
  • Focus, Focus, Focus.
  • Deliberate niche focus to ensure “anytime availability”. Extremely successful business model.
  • Small and effective management team enabling seamless information flow during the
    identification and research stages.
  • All Offices are brought in to ensure that the candidate universe is initially broad and then
    narrowed as the “filter” mechanism commences.
  • Comprehensive time availability to ensure all-round efficiency during the meeting stage. Always
  • Hands-on, confident management style reflective of value added solutions during the “negotiation” stage.

Key Strengths

  • Deep relationships,
  • Comprehensive Understanding of “NEED”.
  • Experienced Partners and Professionals.
  • Robust Geographic Spread.
  • On Time and On Budget Delivery.

Board Search

Our Board Searches and services are provided directly by the firm’s partners, who collectively serve as
the focal point for such assignments. This enables the client to benefit from the Partners’ vast experience,
contacts and expertise and ensures personalized service and senior partner attention.

We understand the strategic importance of such requirements to the firm’s future and have hence
strategically aligned such services, to offer our clients our most qualified resources across all industry

Our services in this area involve analyzing the corporate objectives and executing a comprehensive
recruitment of directors whose experiences reflect the company’s strategic goals. Diversity on the Board
is an equally important consideration in the competitive equation. We also according to client need and
circumstances adopt a short-term tactical view to fill a Board position (“We need a Director to replace the
one retiring in three months”) to a longer term strategic view (“What is the mix of capabilities we need to
bring to the Board over the next few years that will best support our business success”)

Our services in this area also have the capability to unearth talent at a level or two below, who are
individuals who head business units often equivalent in size to a large company and whose job
responsibilities approach those of a CEO.

Training Solutions

  • Executive Education – Through our association with the Schulich School of Business, we are
    active in India developing top tier Executive Education programs for the Indian corporate sector
    delivered by Schulich faculty.
  • Providing a comprehensive service to our clients across talent acquisition, training and development.